Late night workout


To stay in shape, I love to do all kinds of fitness and sports exercises! In addition to rollerblading, I love doing public fitness tracks, like the one in a nearby forest. It was cold and very wet, but who cares when you’re handcuffed and having fun! :-) I try to do as many exercises as possible in cuffs, some of them are actually quite hard when your wrists are tightly locked together!

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  • steelcuffer

    exercise is important. you should do some horse riding handcuffed ! do you ride horses?

  • ed

    Keep a look out another of my odd items is on its way to you.
    This time vintage indonesian finger handcuffs Look like thumb cuffs( but not the type you have in your collection!)

  • fan

    Hi! Do you like wristwatches? I bet you would get more members if you buy yourself Casio G-Shock or some kind of big metal watch, because many of us who love cuffs love watches also. :)

  • Smolt

    Be EXTEREMELY careful. If you fall over while wearing those cuffs, you could probably break both your wrists. This activity is quite dangerous and it really would be best to stop it.

  • Fan

    You look good in sweats you should do more pictures in like athletic clothes thx

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