The Speedcuffs battle with Leley


Whoohoo, I have now 2 pairs of Speedcuffs! Well, one pair isn’t from Hiatts, but they’re very similar! I challenged my friend Leley to a Speedcuffs battle. First we cuffed ourselves in front and we unlocked each other, just to show her how they work. Then we cuffed ourselves behind our back and tried to get out as fast as we could. Amazingly, Leley got lucky and she won. Instead of helping me, she grabbed my key and started teasing me! When I was finally released I got another bright idea: I tried cuffing Leley’s elbows together behind her back! It actually worked, and she was so helpless! Even with the key! I wanted to try it immediately, but unfortunately my elbows don’t come close enough behind my back to use the speedcuffs, so Leley cuffed my wrist to my elbow… I have to get practising to get my elbows together though! Does anyone know any good exercises for that?

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  • homer

    if you watch this video, you can pick up one tip on how to warm up your elbows/arms, it’s as he’s beginning to tie the hogtie he shows how to do it (kinda requires a 2nd person to help you stretch though)

    video might require that yuo have a (free) account to view it.

  • You missed a good chace to get revenge on Leley for the things she has done to you, while you had her elbows cuffed you should have put the second set of cuffs on her wrists.

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