Video diary: Hamburg 8 handcuffs

A new pair of handcuffs! These are called Hamburg 8 and they are from Germany! They are really unusual, so I just HAD to get a pair of these! You can open them without a key when you fold them together. Of course, when your hands are in them, you can’t fold them together so you need a key to open them. Well, that’s the theory, I wouldn’t be CuffGirl if I found a way to escape these without using a key!! Want to know how? Just watch my video diary!

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  • sabueso

    Hola Chrissy:
    Sorry, because i don’t speank english, and i don’t know how do it say the next menseage, and i have to write you in spanish…
    Te apuesto lo que quieras, a que no eres capaz de liberarte con esas esposas a la espalda pero con las palmas mirarndo para afuera…
    If you can translate it, tell me, and i try to say you in english.

  • handcuff3

    Me alegra ver a otro español por aqui.
    Yo tambien digo que no se escapa :D