A relaxing bath after a hard day


Aaaah, some candles and a bath full of foam! Nothing better than to relax after a hard day! I usually take a bath in handcuffs. Yes, I am strange like that, but I like to wear cuffs as much as I can :) Isn’t that bad for the cuffs, I hear you ask. Well, I don’t know. I always use the same pair for bathing and showering, so if anything happens to them it will only cost me 1 pair of cuffs.
By the way: I know the foam isn’t completely covering me in the video LOL, please quit emailing me about that, it’s not that kind of website ;-) Just enjoy and relax, like I did!

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  • Mik

    To protect the cuffs, after your bath hang them up to dry then spray some WD40 or a similar spray oil into the workings of the cuffs. Leave them until you need them then wipe the oil off before you actually use them.

  • Phil

    Are you wearing legirons? You should do another video with legirons

  • Felix Dartmouth

    Have you ever cuffed yourself in the tun, and not been released from the handcuffs until the next morning? Of course if I were helping you, I would lock your cuffs behind your back right after the bath until the next day.

    You might not be real comforable all the time, but you would be securely locked!

  • TheBigM

    I would love to see you ‘frogtie’ your legs with 2 pairs of leg irons, ie. cuff ankle then pass chain over top of thigh and apply second cuff to same ankle. repeat with other leg then apply handcuffs as desired. This should look amazing but will probably not be that comfortable. Boots might help!

  • andrew

    can u handcuffed ur sealf behined ur back and how does it feel

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