Leley hogcuffed me… for 2 hours!


I have called her ‘evil Leley’ before, but now I’m starting to think she really IS evil! Here’s what happened: we were doing some pictures on my bed, fooling around, Leley hogcuffed me with chain handcuffs and even cuffed herself to me! All in good fun, but when we decided to do a video, she suddenly used the hinged handcuffs to handcuff me… palms out! That is a very technical term, if you don’t know what it means you should probably go read another blog ;-) She then hogcuffed me, and added thumbcuffs, took the keys, and LEFT ME FOR 2 HOURS! Grrr… But the strangest thing may be: I actually liked it… ;-) Still, I will get my revenge on Leley, trust me!

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  • exx

    so is this a 2-hour video? ;)

  • Paul

    Nice legirons! Do another video on legirons or a photo set about legirons

  • cuff lover

    You’re my kind of girl !

    Once I hogcuffed myselfe for the entire night !

    You sould try it !

  • John

    Great photos! If I had you like that I would definitely punish you for wearing mismatched socks – I’d remove both socks to leave you barefoot, and then suck your pretty toes!

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