Tricking Anahí


Anahí is such a sweet girl. It almost feels wrong to trick her… almost… She keeps asking to do these challenges, because she doesn’t understand why I win almost every time! This time I am really mean to her, but she doesn’t even notice it. I wonder if you can see what tricks I use to win in this (very big) video? I think only the experts out there know what devious things I did to poor Anahí…. but there seem to have a lot of handcuff experts reading my blog, so go ahead… spot my tricks and post them in the comments below! ;) I think I will explain everything to Anahí this week, so we can really do fair matches (which I will still win, of course).

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One comment

  • kenny

    Been checkin out your site a while now, I also have a collection, and pretty skilled myself, would like to be cuffed up by you anytime, keep up the great work!

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