Hiatt’s 1960!


A new item in my collection, these lovely Hiatt’s handcuffs! They are from 1960, or maybe the model is called 1960, I don’t know. I will have to look it up! The key is very strange, but that’s good, because I have too many cuffs which open with the universal key (that’s not good for escape challenges, different keys are much more fun!). I made a video and some pictures to show you my new cuffs. As it happens I found an article about handcuffs, which I will read while cuffed in these new restraints.

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  • Kev Stö

    nice new haircut, by these weather is it better

    see ya in cuffs ^^

  • showman1955

    Nice cuffs. They were used by most uk police forces well in to the 1990’s but have been replaced by speedcuffs now.Oddly enough they outlasted the 1970 cuffs that were more conventional

  • Fantasio

    Very nice photos. Why don’t you try the cuffs you were reading about (the so-called “bagno”)?

  • jojo

    hello chrissy, barefoot in a prison dress with leg shackles outdoors on the run- that would be very sexxxy… ;)

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