Video diary: my new neck cuff

I had seen this giant handcuff on other websites. It fits around your neck, so I just HAD to get one! I will demonstrate it in today’s video diary :-) The real escape challenge with these things is you can not see the keyhole, because it is under your chin. In the video I was lucky, the key went straight in. So I tried it again, this time with the keyhole on the other side…
Want to get your own neck cuff? Here’s a shop that sells them:

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  • John

    Send me your address and I’d like to send you some single use disposable plastic ASP cuffs.


  • Kev Stö

    very nice cuffed neck !!!

    look pretty with your new haircolor

  • Zach

    Please do another video about legirons, with the video showing you putting them on and walking and talking about what you like about them and you barefoot.

  • Ron

    Funny I had just sent you an e-mail asking if you wanted an neck cuff? I should have checked your friday update first. I have a couple of neck cuff escape chalenges for you. let me know if you are interested.

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