Difficult neck cuff escape


Well, the requests for the neck cuff just keep coming in! I guess you love my new neck cuff as much as I do! It’s great to put on my friends and then just give them the key LOL. But here is a more serious challenge: I cuff my hands behind my back with handcuffs hanging down from the neck cuff. As I try to escape my arms get more and more tired, putting more weight on my neck which really makes it difficult to breathe. Can I free myself before my energy runs out? Be careful, do not try this one at home! Seriously… please don’t.

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  • Adrian

    Hello chrissy… i was wondering if you could make it so i don’t have to have paypal to buy something on your website.

  • Ron

    Awsome. Thanks for attempting this escape for me and I appreciate you passing on the warning. This is not for the novice and you should have someone monitoring you. I will definetly download this video.

  • Ron

    If you escape from this one we should re-name you Tough Girl

  • clive

    amazing, more like this would be great

  • Zach

    Please do a video with you barefoot with painted toes putting on legirons and talking about how you feel in them while handcuffed to and walk around also

  • wiggles

    Wow! That looked very intense! I think I say your hand shaking a bit as you tried to find the keyhole *giggle*. Do your fingers sweat and get oily when you try to get out? Mine sometimes do. Um, how smug can you get your neck cuff? Just wondering, Oh, plus, can you lock both wrists in only 1/2 of a handcuff? It’s very snug, but don’t do it behind your back, it’s scary tight!

    Take Care

  • SPARTANdude

    would be cool if you used the neck cuff and connected it to a pair of leg irons in front of you.

  • sethisabiker

    It would also be cool if you used the neck cuff and connected it to a pair of leg irons AND handcuffs [connected high up the back] BEHIND you. A very strict hogcuff. I’m sure I am not alone in saying I’d definitely buy that clip.

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