Overhead bed challenge

Happy birthday to CuffGirl.com! :-) This is update 52, so it must be one year already since I started blogging! Time flies when you are having fun in cuffs! A lot has happened, much of which I will not mention here hahaha… ;-) Anyway, time to celebrate with a rather silly but difficult challenge. I handcuff myself to the bed and then I leg iron my ankles to the same side. It really makes your muscles tired when you are trying to free yourself in this position! So if you’re looking for a little workout, go ahead and try to beat my time!

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  • Cuff Lover

    Good work !

    A happy B-day to your blog !

    keep them comming !

    Cuff Lover

  • Congratulations, Miss Chrissy! You’re the cutest, and your handcuff adventures keep me watching!

    All the best,

  • Ron

    Happy 1st Birthday. Very creative position for your anniversary update. Let me pass along this virtual smack of congratulations on your accomplishment. Your creativity and originality are like a breath of fresh air in this industry. Best of luck in the furure and I for one will continue to be a supporter.

  • Maverick

    Uitdagende opdracht en sexy pose! :-)
    Die ga ik zeker eens proberen!

    Leuke site!

  • MT

    My birthday was April 8th and I was hoping to see you cuffed in black socks, but to my disappointment, you weren’t. Do you think you can hogcuff yourself in black socks and wriggle your way from one end of your home to the exit door? That would be a great reimbursement for a birthday gift:) Later Chrissy

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