Thirsty in a RigidStock


It seems people want to see me in all kinds of restraints. I only like metal ones, so please don’t ask me about leather or ropes. I feel really lucky that a lovely webmaster has sent me a RigidStock to borrow for a while! It is such a cool thing! It feels great to be restrained in it, and it’s really comfortable! The wrist inserts even turn! Sadly I can never afford such a beautiful thing, so I am going to enjoy the time I will have it here at home. In this update, I will try to drink a glass of cola. Sounds simple, but it is not!

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  • Kev Stö

    great restrains on a great girl ^^

  • CuffMe

    HI Chrissy,

    it seems, that you need some straws to drink for the next days until you get out of the RigidStock again ;-)

    Have fun and do not lose the keys ;-)

  • wiggles

    How cute! Wow, careful, with it being comfortable you could actually wear that for a long time, now that you know you won’t die of thirst! *smile*

  • Adrian

    i would seriusly like you to consider making payments open for other things then paypal. please?

  • Timothy

    Thats great but maybe impossible to escape by yourself good luck Chrissy. But one thing who helped you in the rigstocks and it looks a bit too tight on the wrists.

  • Dan Dofogh

    Now what … ? Get a very very long straw :)

  • I love this RigidStock soooo much. I hope I can borrow it again soon :)

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