Hiatts Ultimate!


New handcuffs! These cuffs are a variation on my favourites (the speedcuffs). I think they are actually even better, so they could be my new favourites! They are just like speedcuffs, except that they can fold for easy storage. When unfolded, they lock into their rigid position. And (the greatest thing of all) they require the key to unlock this rigidness! I decided to test them late at night (pics are a bit dark but I think that’s nice). On my wrists, on my ankles, and of course self cuffing behind my back in the stacked position! I am sooo in love with these cuffs! Ultimate indeed!

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  • mittens

    great cuffs … i have tried these and they are great … you need two pairs – ankles and wrists i think :-)

  • Dan Dofogh

    Looks like they’ve arrested the two leaders of the evil “Sockpuppet Gang” and are taking them to gaol now !

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