Video diary: Self cuffing and escaping Irish 8 handcuffs

‘They’ said this could not be done… Well, they were wrong! LOL! Having received a pair of old fashioned Irish 8 handcuffs, I was told that if I lock my hands behind my back (crossed aka stacked) I would never be able to get out. As you know by now, I simply can not accept that cuffing positions are inescapable. I have to try for myself. This is a really challenging escape, and probably the first time you have seen this on the internet. It turns out that putting Irish 8 handcuffs on behind my back is even more difficult than escaping them… But if you are a fan of tough escapes, you really have to watch this one, you will love it!

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  • Ron

    Interesting escape. Im not sure I am a fan of the Stacked hands position. It seemes to give you an advantage. Wherever you need fingers you have some there. I prefer the hinged cuffs with the wrists positioned with palms facing out. If the cuffs are applied properly and tight then this is escape proof – dont you agree?

  • tieup2008

    Try the irish 8’s on your ankles next time maybe?

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