Another bed challenge


You guys must really love bed challenges! I keep receiving suggestions and ideas for those! Perhaps you just like to see a girl cuffed to the bed? Well, I can escape anything you can come up with :-) This time, I have to lock the key to my ankle using a pair of handcuffs, then use two more pairs (hinged) to lock my wrists to the bed. As you can tell by the video length, this was a hard one, but CuffGirl never gives up LOL! Any more challenges? Use the comments or email me!

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  • Zach

    Please do barefeet with legirons or handcuffs on your ankles

  • Brendan

    A bed challenge that you might not be able to escape. Handcuffed to the bed spread egale. Your wristed handcuffed to the bed post with hinged handcuffs key whole torwed your body and ankles cuffed to the foot board bed posts.

  • Wheelincuff

    Do a hogcuff on the bed while wearing your neckcuff and attach it to the bed with another pair of handcuffs, and throw another pair of leg cuffs on from your ankles to the otherside of the bed. you cant get out of that

  • Rob

    Ha, looks like a good video. You should start doing previews more. Also you should of cuffed your legs together. Pretty sure you couldn’t get out then.

  • andrew

    how do u feel when ur handcuffed

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