Arresting situations


Oh. My. God. This has to be the funniest update ever! A fan asked me this week if I could do some role playing, like cops and robbers. My friend Anahí was glad to assist me in acting out some arrest scenarios. But we got a little carried away here, we are (very loudly) accusing each other of some of the most horrible crimes and slamming the handcuffs on each other. We keep reversing roles, whoever has the police hat can do whatever she wants ;-) Of course, it all ends with Anahí refusing to let me out (again)… You have to see the pictures and the hilarious video! You will laugh, I’m sure… be sure to turn down your volume a little though hehehe :-D

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  • Mel

    Misschien 1 van de lolligste updates, maar zeker 1 van de beste! Je bent echt fantastisch in combinatie met handboeien! Geweldig!

  • Lockjaw

    Nice video and even nicer pictures. Chrissie was the better cop because she was more aggressive. Good job!

  • Zach

    Please do a prisoner transport clip, where one of you two is the prisoner and the other one a cop. The prisoner is in a waistchain and legirons and the cop is leading her around.

  • Benjamin Spitz

    Its about time you did one of these. I might download it next month after the holidays. I hope you worked out your speedcuffs technique, or maybe a few more bloopers:)

  • Dan Dofogh

    Awww … look at your sad pout. So embarrassing to be caught by Officer Anahi :(

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