Showering in handcuffs


Here is a question I receive very often: ‘Do you really do everything in handcuffs?’. Well… no… but I can do a lot of things in handcuffs, often without even realising my hands are restrained. I have tried showering in cuffs many times. It’s easy, if you pick cuffs that will not rust ;-) This week, I will demonstrate how I take a quick shower. Try this at home! Just study my pictures and video and you will be a cuffed shower expert in no time LOL!

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  • andrcuffew

    about having ur hand, handcuff behind ur back when ur in the shower and shackled on ur ankled.

  • Meghan


    As I was reading this update the question “Do you really do everything in handcuffs?” made me think of another question

    I was wondering if, since you do spend so much time cuffed, when you are doing things not cuffed do you ever notice that you will hold your hands close together as if they were cuffed without even thinking about it?

    Just curious. . .

  • Good question! Actually I did notice that I keep my hands close together after I have been cuffed for a long time. A bit like ghost cuffs! Strange…