Legjacket? Straitpants?


Look what I got! You are sending me so much stuff to play with :) I love you guys! Most of the time it’s handcuffs of course, but this time I received a very strange parcel. It was very heavy and when I opened it I still did not know what it was, except that it looked pretty. I eventually worked out that it is for my legs, like a mermaid’s tail! I think it is supposed to be used in combination with a straitjacket. It’s a legjacket! Or straitpants? Whatever, it is a very cool restraining item and it feels snug and comfortable! :) I will try to sleep in this!

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  • Ron

    I think it facinating that no one commented on the leg straight jacket. Hmmmmm there is a message there. You have trained us well. Its Handcuffs or nothing. Im personally glad the NeckCuff fits in that catagory.

  • Foxy Friar

    What kind of cuffs do you usually sleep in, Chrissy? Couldn’t we see some pictures of that?

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