Let me show you a trick… oops…

This video did not go entirely as planned. I cuffed my ankles together with a pair of handcuffs, and then I cuffed one wrist overhead to the bathroom radiator. I wanted to mix the key into a basket full of clothes pins, to make it harder to find. But of course, I dropped the key… Was it on purpose? ;-) LOL, well… I hope you can answer that by now. Any way, I can not reach the key, so I have to pick it up with my toes. That’s not too difficult, but getting it into my hand is very hard… remember I cuffed my ankles hahaha… Ooops!

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  • Ron

    Hi Chrissy: I’m having a hard time getting use to you in the blond hair. You do NOT look like the same person. You said you were going to tell the story about the hair. Did I miss that?

  • LOL, don’t worry, I am still Chrissy! Trust me, it’s a phase….

  • Ron

    I really enjoy seeing you in the neck cuff. It is my favorite cuff. Has Anahi worn it yet? Please try to use it in more of your escapades.

  • Stone

    Sorry, don’t like your new hair-color.

  • Ron

    Chrissy: In your well experienced opinion Is there any kind of bondage using cuffs that you believe you would NOT be able to escape from. Of Course you know once you answer your fans will request you try in…. in a bikini, on a bed HA HA

  • birdchrisdennis


    I think, there are some non-escabable situations.
    Check out her pertner site http://www.cuffedinuniform.com/

    CIU087 – Prison girl Ailish trying to see the padlock.

    :-) Trapped

  • T

    I have a great challnenge for you that i don’t think you could escape from.

    First put on your neck cuff with handcuffs attached. Then sit down and wrap you arms under your legs from the outside so your hands come up between your legs. Next simply cuff your hand into the cuffs which are attached to your neck (hinged cuffs would be best and also barefoot please, i love your feet). The key should be hanging above you and it should be high enough so you can only reach it if you manage to get your legs out and stand up! Roll onto your back showing off your feet and let the fun begin! I Guarantee you will not be able to escape this one, you said you wanted a real challenge so please give it a go!

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