Video diary: dice game

This is my favorite game at the moment! Rolling a die to see how many handcuffs I have to put on. The maximum is six, obviously. I will put them on and try to get them off again as fast as possible. Unfortunately, I only rolled a five… but don’t worry, I put on six anyway LOL, I just love a good challenge! Maybe someone can tell me how much time it actually took me to get them off, or even better: post a video of you trying to beat my time! Practise, practise, practise! Now… I’m off to buy a die with a six on all sides, this one just doesn’t work for me ;-)

PS: What’s with the blonde hair? I will tell you later :-)

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  • JtRG

    You know they make dice with 20 sides for role playing games? Just trying to help. ;-)

  • Wheelincuff

    You should get Anahi to put everyone of your cuffs on your wrist/arms behind your back and your fingers cuffs to. I bet you cant get out of those. dont forget the irsish 8 first

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