First fan meeting! Playing draughts in speedcuffs

Some visitors of my blog have been emailing me about their biggest wish: meeting me! Can you imagine that? Someone’s biggest wish is meeting me? LOL! So I have decided to meet some fans, but only if they appear sane and reasonable in their emails (I get some crazy stuff in my inbox). The first lucky guy wishes to remain anonymous, he just wanted to play a game of draughts with me in speedcuffs. We had a great time, even though I did not know anything about this game. I kept saying ‘check mate’ hahaha :-) It’s not hard to predict who won, but that is not the point. We had a nice afternoon and I made someone very happy!
Thinking about organising a fan day… Any thoughts about that? Please comment below!

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  • Ron

    Thats real sweet of you to agree to meet with your fans. There are so many questions I think fans would ask if they met you in person. But how can a fan from the USA hope to ever meet you???

  • Well if you’re ever in the area, let me know! :)

  • Ian

    …if only you were in the uk :-( …

  • Benjamin Spitz

    I like to travel abroad. If the opportunity ever allowed Id be honored to meet you and compare collections, although traveling with mine wouldnt be possible.

  • Foxy Friar

    It’s a great & generous idea to meet your fans! I would like to visit you some day, for tea & a personal talk, in cuffs of course (both of us). The Netherlands is not to far from my country.

  • thomas

    could you get skype please then most people could meet you via skype !!!!!

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