Practise practise practise

If you want to be really good at something, you have to practise a lot! So I try to practise every evening, or at least cuff myself every day. Here is a hard one: escaping from hinged cuffs behind the back, keyholes facing away from hands. It will take some attempts, but you can probably do this at home… please make sure that someone will be able to help you if you really get stuck! And if you manage to do it, report back here (in the comments) or email me about your experience! I love to hear self cuffing stories!

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  • Ron

    If you want to get really serious with your escapes you should try doing them blindfolded with gloves on. You will find the loss of sight and feel will add an amazing level of difficulty.

  • Ian

    … still interested to see you try with the mittens I sent you … it can be done … :-)

  • Jim

    Looks like the trick is to use cuffs that are wide enough to allow some movement. I’ve seen this done with LIPS cuffs fairly easily, but S & W probably somewhat tougher.

  • Mike

    I was wandering is it possible to bring hands to the front. (when palms are cuffed facing each other)

    ( I found out that I can swing my arms inside cuffs as I have narrow wrists not very easy but if done carefully can be achieved)

    One other question do you practice self bondage with time lock (e.g melting ice cubes).

  • Hi Mike, obviously you did not see this video, in which I bring my hands to the front. And even more obviously, you did not read much of my blog, I did a melting ice cube escape in November!!

  • Mike

    Yeh sorry. (I don`t like to waste money on video+music ) whether it is short video clip or full length DVD film )

    My bad (should have read the blog.)

  • Cossack

    Cuffed behind your back,you can’t use your mouth or other tools to insert key into keyhole.You can’t see the keyhole and the key too.It’s very difficult to insert key in keyhole.
    when palms are cuffed facing each other,and If the keyhole near the thumb finger (not little finger),you can’t free youself.because,even the key has been inserted into keyhole,you can only touch the key,but can’t use it.There’s no enough room for you fingers.

    If keyhole near the little fingers,you can.Use your index finger and middle finger to touch key ,then use strenth push the key ,you free.

  • Cossack

    and i agree jim “Looks like the trick is to use cuffs that are wide enough to allow some movement”.Some other hinge cuff make your hands nearer and no enough room to uncuff.