Sitting hogtie

Here is something that I have seen a lot of people do, but haven’t really tried myself: a sitting hogtie. It is basically just cuffing myself behind my back, attaching the cuffs to my leg irons by another pair of cuffs. Did you get that? LOL. Well, it turns out it’s a dead easy challenge. I’m not sure I can even call this one a challenge. It seems that no one can come up with real hard positions these days! Come on, send me some inescapable ones! Haha :-)

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  • Zach

    Do a video with legirons

  • MT

    I still think you ought to do a challenge, wearing jeans, shirt, and black socks. Then handuffed behind the back. Then your ankles shackled tightly together, with a chain locked around your thighs. Then pull your feet to your hands in a hogcuff, and squirm from one side of your home to the other, and see how long it takes.
    Your fan


  • Ron

    Oh no no no Chrissy! I gave you one with the neck cuff and your hands hammerlocked up high behind your back. The ADVANCED one I also gave you the dual elbow cuff challenge. You just wont try them, or you have and you cant escape. And you wont publish this either. LOL Thats ok. you keep having fun with the EASY stuff.

  • anon

    Find a pair of hinged or solid handcuffs which are sized perfectly so that when worn tightly enough they are comfortable and don’t allow you to rotate your wrists. Then stacked behind your back with palms out.

  • Steve

    If you really want to try an inescapable challenge, you may want to try that idea I told you about once.. taking a hinged (or regular) pair of cuffs and put both wrists in the one cuff. You may need to get one of the larger universal pair such as the SW model 1. but again if you choose to do so, make sure the keyholes are not facing each other or you will never be able to remove them even with the key.. You can do it palm to palm or crossed at the small of the back. In front, you may just be able to use the key in your mouth, but behind the back, you won’t be able to.

    Being blindfolded would definitely make your escapes more challenging. But it would be a shame to cover those beautiful eyes.

  • Foxy Friar

    On GirlsinCuffs I saw 1. a wrist cage 2. some Chinese cuffs with a long, flat spreader bar. Both would suit you well, and be a real challenge, even for you.I dare you!

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