What cuffs do I sleep in?


A nice question from a blog reader: ‘What kind of cuffs do you usually sleep in, Chrissy?’. Well, usually none (sorry to disappoint you). But I have tried sleeping cuffed. It was a little awkward at first, waking me up lots of times during the night, but after a few practise nights I can now sleep normally in cuffs. Leg irons and handcuffs, of course! As I found out, it’s important to double lock them! You can probably imagine why that is. I prefer to sleep with my hands cuffed in front, but I have done a few nights behind my back too (not as comfortable). Who knows, I might even try taking a nap hogcuffed in the future!
Oh, by the way, changed my hair color again… the blonde wasn’t really a good look I think ;-)

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  • MSH

    Darker hair color suits you so much better – nice to see you’ve changed back. Barefoot hogcuffs are ALWAYS welcome; by all means, some nice video would be much appreciated. How about a blindfold sometime….?

  • Foxy Friar

    Thank you very much for a quick response to my question!

  • Foxy Friar

    Have you considered using some light – but strong – chains & padlocks instead? That’s much more comfortable, when you are lying down, believe me!

  • anonymous

    I think what you should do is cuff your hands behind back and your feet to a pole and see if you can get out of them with regular shirt and jeans on. That should be a good request.

    One other thing, I glad you changed your hair color back to where it was. Try to keep your hair that way and make it long as you we’re when you built this site.

  • Timothy

    I sleep handcuffed every night because i tend to sleep walk these days

  • andrew

    how do u feel when u are handcuffs at night

  • anonymus

    I suppose this begs the question: what’s the longest amount of time that you’ve worn handcuffs without taking them off?

  • Cuffingfan

    When are you post some where you sleep while in a hoglied?
    I know it need a mate you trust! But it would be fun :-)

    It helps a lot you are blindbolded too.

  • gmarts

    how is it feel to be handcuffed when you’re sleeping

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