ASP rigid handcuffs!

Yessss! New handcuffs again! I saw these on the internet: absolutely NO ONE has these in their collection! They are soooo cool, and now I own a pair! They are the ASP rigid handcuffs. What is so special about these? Well, they are a bit similar to the Hiatt’s Ultimate, but I think they are much better :-) The cuffs are really smooth, and they fit my wrists perfectly. There is a third keyhole to unlock the hinge, I totally love that feature. This week I will show you how they work, but don’t get a pair for yourself, because I would like to be the only collector who has these ;-)

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  • CuffMe

    HI Cutie,

    I’ve got them too and I love them, cause they are smoothly operating and quite handy and I love the double locking mechanism. You can also double lock them by turning the key.

    Kisses to you,

  • birdchrisdennis

    Poor Chrissy,

    I got them also – the lightwight (aluminum) version with the high security locks.

    I’m so sorry to disappoint you, but not all collectors have their whole collection online ;-)

    I’m remembering a joke they showed on TV (hidden camera), with Reinhold Messner.
    He climed a mountain (on a difficult route), and when he reached the top, there was a small shop, selling his books….
    The “owner” claimed not to recognize Messner, he wasn’t amused.

    So, this is similar. You might think, these cuffs are seldom. And now, you must recognize, the community is already there ;-)

    Anyway, the cuffs are nice, enjoy them ….

  • Rob

    So here’s one i’m sure you can’t escape from. Cuffed behind your back with one of your favorite pair of cuffs, nothing to loose or roomy. :P And your straightpants on. Starting laying down.

  • Benjamin Spitz

    Question. When are you going to get a pair of ADI Safe-Lock cuffs ? $300.00 at DHW.

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