Video diary: checking Ebay for handcuffs

Where do I buy my handcuffs? Well, actually I just buy them everywhere. Mostly online, of course, it’s so convenient! I also receive a lot of cuffs from fans, just to try out, to borrow, or even keep! I want to extend my collection all the time, but I don’t really have enough money to buy everything I want (I guess everyone has that problem). I often check Ebay to see if there are some nice second hand cuffs or other handcuff collectables, like earrings or t-shirts. Here’s me surfing Ebay for more stuff! Handcuffed of course :-)

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  • NovaGuy

    Hi Chrissy, Beware surfing on Ebay for handcuffs is quite addictive. I know I have too many, but I needed that colored peerless ;-). Love your show.

  • Foxy Friar

    Just love seing you doing this kind of everyday tasks in cuffs! Echt! Toll! Happy Easter to you, dear Chrissy!

  • andrew

    are u waring legs cuffs too

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