Video diary: Escape gone wrong

I often get this question: ‘Do your escape attempts always succeed? Or do you just post the ones that worked?’. The answer is: I don’t always succeed in escaping. Like this week’s attempt: I was trying to self-record a video diary of how to escape from 3 pairs of LIPS handcuffs, keyholes on the inside. But I just couldn’t do it for some reason. I have managed it in the past. I ended up having to call a friend and waiting for an hour to be released. Since a lot of you seem to be doing self bondage (I receive so many emails about it), I guess this could be a warning!! Do not assume you can get out of anything and always have someone standing by to rescue you!

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  • Maverick

    Love you for your honesty… :-)

  • Stormy

    Hey Chrissy! I’ve been reading through your blog, and it’s very intriguing to say the least. You seem to really enjoy wearing your cuffs, but in a definite non-sexual way. Aside from the challenge of escaping, what do you like about being restrained?

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