Big Irish 8 ankle cuffs!


Did you know there are big Irish 8 cuffs for your ankles!? I did not know that! You could have told me :) Anway, I love the KUB Irish 8 handcuffs, and now there are ankle cuffs too! Here is me cuffing myself and trying to get out again! Okay it was not that difficult because I already know the Irish 8 handcuffs (but they can be very hard for someone who has not tried before), so the video is short (and cheap)! What next? Walking in these ankle cuffs? :)

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  • exx

    to immobilise someone you have to put their ankles in opposite directions through the cuff, like cross-legged.

    Interested to see what suggestions people have for using them!

  • Homer

    Nice cuffs. Would like to see them applied on your hands behind your back :-) (You might not get out of it – but that’s the point … :)

  • Cuffingfan

    Yes, I will also see you handcuffed with your hands behind the back, please (:

  • Stormy

    Extremely random question: How do you walk around in leg irons without them hurting or damaging your Achilles tendon? You seem to have mastered this mystic art. Teach us, o wise one!

  • anonymous

    I think what you should do is cuff yourslef behind your back to a pole and ankle cuffed yourself to the pole as well and try to get yourself out of that position.

  • anonymous

    Oh, one other thing. Try to cuffed yourself with jeans on.

  • fisca

    Yes try your hands behind your back palms facing out :-)

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