Spreader challenge


I get the most insane challenges in my inbox! I love it! Especially when someone actually lets me borrow very expensive and cool stuff. This spreader is a true work of art. Imagine being locked in this for a whole day, that would be soooo cool! It is for your hands AND your feet, how funny is that! Some fans also wanted to see me in black socks, so here we go: me escaping from a hand-feet spreader (don’t know the name) in socks! LOL!

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  • kenny

    it looks like a martins (martens?) spreader…awesome pics!

  • René

    I believe it is a indeed a Martin’s Rigidcuffs Spreader Bar model Jo-2. Very nice item.

  • Tom

    You should use the spreader in reverse for getting hogtied. I bet you won’t be able to get out of it ;-)

  • Brian

    .. Without socks it’s better :)

  • Foxy Friar

    Super! In a photo book of mine you can see the same type of stock made of solid wood, the old fashioned way. Would you like to try that?

  • W_Devil

    I would love to see you locked (in real life) in that outfit in this spreader for a day ;)


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