Video diary: stacked Speedcuffs escape

A popular request: a Speedcuffs escape, behind the back, twisted (or stacked) position! I don’t know why everyone wants to see this, I think I already showed it once? Or did I? I can’t even remember LOL. Well, here is how I escape my favourite cuffs in your requested position. A few months ago I practised this escape about 5 times every day! I think I need to start practising again, because I am getting slower… :-)

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  • Hayami

    Hi, Chrissy, I’m looking forward to every Friday, EVERY update.

    This is my first comment on this blog, so I’m excited!

    I especially like you doing housework, like washing the dishes, doing the laundry, cooking, of course in handcuffs!

    You look cool and sexy in handcuffs but you look much happier and attractive with Anahi!

    I’m a cuffboy and I hope you’ll keep on with this fantastic blog!

    Thank you, Chrissy.

  • Brian

    Please the NeXT .. A hogtie with your beauty barefoot .. Thanks

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