Video diary: the impossible

Fan request! I have to attempt ‘the impossible’. I use a pair of handcuffs to cuff my leg irons to the radiator and throw the key out of reach. I guess fans like hopeless situations? But next time, you will have to be a lot more specific in your request, because I still escape!! How? Watch the video and you will see! All this in jeans, of course, for another fan, you know who you are!

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  • Adrian

    i got a challenge i will think, you will find very hard, if not impossible… cuff yourself behind your back, wrists facing away from eachother, with the irish 8 handcuffs and just for show put on some leg cuffs or spreader bar of some sorts (not needed :P)
    hope you choose my challenge :)

  • exx

    Haven’t seen video yet, but I’m going to guess: taking jacket off, throwing it over key, and using that to pull key towards you?

  • Christer

    Hi, Chrissy.
    would you dare too try hogchain your self with cuffs wearing a blindfold? :)
    I am always looking forward to each friday for updates :)

  • Erwin

    I love how you do all this ‘non sexual bondage’. its fun to see, and light hearted. i really like doing this kind of stuff too. one thing i would suggest, which is hard but not too hard,
    You have to wear a collar of some type. Darby, perhaps, since you like metal so much? Then, sitting down, with your knees bent up, you put each arm under your knee from the outside, and lock a pair of handcuffs to the collar by the chain, which you then apply to your wrists! This is a fun position that is not too hard if you are flexible, but you can make it harder by wearing leg irons too.

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