Blindfolded balloon challenge


The challenges I am receiving now are getting more and more difficult. This time I will attempt a very interesting one: I have to find the key inside 1 of 4 balloons, while speedcuffed and leg ironed… AND blindfolded! Now that is a bit much don’t you think? Especially since I am afraid of popping balloons, but you didn’t know that of course. I really really really hate to pop these things, but I have to do it in order to find the key.
As it turned out, it was hard enough to find the balloons in the first place, as they kept flying all over the place at the slightest touch. After I popped all four balloons (which took me quite a while), the key was nowhere to be found! Watch this very long video to see how I did in this challenge, it is worth it, I promise :-)

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  • Matt

    Awesomeee :)

  • adrian

    I have a challenge for you that i would love, love, LOVE to see… you do a hogcuff, with neck cuff connected to the hands, those cuffs you can have around your elbows, toe cuffs AND thumbcuffs… just to make it a little more difficult your handcuffs has to be either hinged or speedcuffs and the key have to be in another room so you have to crawl over to get it, (or atleast out of reach in the same room so it still involves a bit of crawling). and this is a little personal plea, i would like (if you choose my challenge) if in the video you showed yourself cuffing yourself with the different cuffs as i imagine that will be a bit of a challenge aswell.
    if you choose my challenge i would be the happiest man alive :)

  • Maverick

    Leuk, maar hopelijk volgende keer in sexy lingerie? ;-)

  • Don’t you like my special CuffGirl shirt? :D

  • Cuffingfan

    Now where you also are blindfolded, good to see you (:

    When do we see you hogcuffed and blindfolded over night?

  • Cuffingfan

    … CuffGirl shirt …

    I like see YOU, hehe!

  • Maverick

    Leuk shirt inderdaad maar jou staat alles wel Chrissie… :-)

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