Oh nooooooo, Anahi beats me in hogcuffing challenge!


It is a bad day for me! I invited my best friend Anahí for a hogcuffing challenge and I lost!! First of all, it took me ages to hogcuff myself after I hogcuffed Anahí, and she was just lying there patiently, unable to move, waiting for the challenge to start. That’s why the video is a bit long, it is just me trying to hogcuff myself while Anahí is lying on her stomach, all cuffed up.
The actual challenge part is quite short, because Anahí must have taken some super escape pill, she was out in no time! That is not fair, I am supposed to be CuffGirl!! :( I am very ashamed… Please help me to get her back, I want to something really evil to Anahí, and I know you fans can help me out!!

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  • Ron

    Well the most evil challenge I can think of is the neck cuff to your wrists pulled up high on your back challenge. You did it. Show her your video then I would shorten up the link to the wrists a bit and lock Anahi in it and sit back and laugh.

  • Damon

    Man, I really wish I had a way to pay for the videos.. Oh well.

    I think for payback you should put Anahi under arrest. :)

  • DJ man

    Seconded. Do that, and then freeze the key in an ice cube. Make sure to record it too…

  • k

    put tape over the holes on her cuffs….that should slow her down.

  • Sccuff dude

    You should hogcuff her outside in a public place and keep the keys that would be a good way to get back at her. And it’s good to see Anahi hogcuffed and of course to see you hogcuffed too.

  • Benjamin Spitz

    hog-cuff Anahi and attach the key to a ceiling fan and turn it on high just out of reach and see if she can grab it.

  • Tim

    Have you noticed that if you go to You Tube and type “handcuffs” in the search box, your recent video now shows up in fifth place on the search results page. At least it does for me. I guess they REALLY like you now.

  • Cuffchick

    Here’s a hard one,that I have tried at home.Get some short leg irons,and some handcuffs (chain or hinged).Now you have to find a wide and big pole,once you’ve done that get the ankle cuffs/leg irons around the pole.after that handcuff Anahí to the pole (cuff her hands behind the pole),after that ankle cuff her to the pole (make sure that the chain is behind the pole).Then you can do whatever you want,tease her maybe? Oh and one more thing make sure that she is barefoot cause this can be really painful.Well this is the evilest thing i can think of.Give it a try.

  • stevo

    you should hogcuff her and leave her there for ages. maybe tickle her and other stuff

  • Luke

    More cuffed girls in socks please :)

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