A nice quiet evening at the beach


Okay, this may sound a little strange but I actually like cuffing myself when I’m outside. I went to the beach in the evening when most people had left to just sit there in my handcuffs and leg irons, to catch a few last rays of sun. Please tell me that you do this sometimes, it will make me feel less strange. Who likes being cuffed in public? Or do you just like to see me cuffed?

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  • cuffer

    Oh no not strange at all. I like both. When can i join you? WOuld be fun

  • andrew

    U should handcuffs behind ur back at the beach

  • TX_Cuffer

    What’s the most public you have ever done in cuffs?

  • LC

    That would be awesome, and I agree that “thinking nothing of it” is a great way of dealing with the problems of how other people reacting to you (see also: improv anywhere’s videos)

    Hope you had some supporters nearby in case of anyone getting overexcited?

    At the end of the day, you’re just the same as black workers, women voters, gay couples, and all of the other people who had to be seen in public for their dignity to be recognised. Maybe a mass event of us is needed?

  • Foxy Friar

    Wonderful summer holiday snapshots! Yes we like to see you cuffed, and yes I would like to be cuffed in public, if 1. I had your courage, 2. I looked as good as you in cuffs!

  • Angel

    Ciao Chrissy,
    I think that you mainly like to be handcuffed and, secondly, try to escaping from handcuffs.
    In any case you are amazing!

  • Kelly

    Just don’t loose the key in the sand!

  • Denim Wolff

    I would like to join you. I am in AZ. I like getting handcuffed alot. Sadly i only have one pair. Where do you get all of these handcuffs and other stuff?

  • buck


    can we see more of your nice bikini in the video or in the pictures?

  • iso4287

    I like to be cuffed in public. In best way with you Crissy ;-)
    By the way, I do it sometimes, really.

  • SJFan

    You should try the straitjacket with ankle cuffs and bikini at the beach – now that would be awesome!! Would love to see video of you being strapped into the jacket too. :-)

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