Part 2 of the revenge on Anahí

Here it is: part 2 of my revenge on Anahí!! We are all cuffed up and I decide to add a double neck cuff. I don’t think Anahí has ever tried a neck cuff, so she does not have any experience opening it. You will also notice that I put all the difficult cuffs on her wrists ;-) To make this challenge more interesting, I told Anahí that the loser would pay for all drinks that evening (we were going out later). Am I too evil? Anahí never had a chance… Maybe you feel sorry for her, be warned: she might look cute, but I feel another revenge coming my way!
Warning, this is a big file (long video), if you have trouble downloading it, just email me and I will help!

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  • cuffman

    Nice video. It is a pitty you helped her out. You have to laeve her cuffed for at last one h.

  • showtime1955

    The three sets of cuffs you used on Anahi would be an interesting combination to use for a hogcuff on her – I reckon we would have to time her escape with a calendar

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