Setting up Anahí – the revenge part 1


Hi everyone, thank you so much for your emails on how to get my dear friend Anahí back for beating me in the hogcuff challenge! In this video, you will see my EVIL plan on setting up Anahí and she does not even know it! I pretend to show her my handcuff collection and I lock some cuffs on myself and on her wrists. But if you know something about cuffs, you will notice I put very hard ones on Anahí and easy ones on myself (muhahhaa). Anahí is so cute and friendly, she believes everything I say… well about handcuffs anyway.
In the pictures, you will see which cuffs we use, but this is not my evil cuffing yet, it is just a bonus. The video clip is part 1 of the real set up ;-) Next week, in part 2, you will see the big revenge video clip! I bet you can’t wait!

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  • Damon

    Ooh this is going to be a good set :)

    I hope you manage to hogcuff her.. :p

  • Steve Goebel

    Well, you look no very nice just the right smile occasion,
    you are just sooooo kissaable!!!, tell me, have you ever worn these or any restraint whilst sleeping? your answer will keep
    me in anticipation of your next position, sexual ofcourse!!

  • XRumerTest

    Hello. And Bye.

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