Video diary: A fast escape update

Okay, so here it is one more time: showing off my skills to escape hinged handcuffs with the keyholes on the wrong side! What is the wrong side? Well, of course there is no wrong side to handcuffs (lol), but people generally mean ‘keyholes facing away from the hands’. This only goes for hinged handcuffs obviously, unlocking chain cuffs is easy and the direction of the keyholes does not even matter.
Because I am so fast, it is a very short update, so I will try to get it listed for only 1 euro. This way everyone can get a chance to see it and try to improve my time!

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  • Keith

    Try doing it when you have your hands locked behind your back. Almost impossible.

  • Nah, that is easy as well, I have done it in several updates!

  • Ron

    That was easy because you use wide cuffs and put the keyholes out toword your fingers. Use narrow cuffs and put the keyholes up facing you. Then either put your hands behind your back or wear a gag. That is impossible to escape from. Stop doing the easy stuff. Come on, Challenge yourself!

  • NovaGuy

    Hi Chrissy, great demo, I am curious if the type of cuffs affect the time for you to get out of them. So could you comment on that or try it with a Peerless 801 and a S&W model-1 too.

  • Sugel

    Antique South African Hinge Handcuffs email These South African handcuffs are made of heavy-duty steel. These distinct-looking handcuffs are a very nice collectors item that you wont find easily elsew These are military surplus and un-issued.

  • Millie

    If you lock this particular version of a hinged cuff with the keyholes facing each other, you are toast. I did it with linked cuffs once and had to get a screwdriver to bust a chain link and even then I thought I might have to shorten up a key. Then I saw the u-tube vids on how to get out of handcuufs..Oh well!

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