Fan challenge: two wrists in one cuff


You keep sending me so many interesting challenges, I don’t even have time to respond to them all (but I will, sorry if it takes me longer sometimes). Here is a challenge that is really popular: locking two wrists in the same cuff! You suggested leg irons for this, but I found a pair of hinged handcuffs that are big enough (or I am small enough?). This makes the challenge a LOT harder, since I decided to lock both cuffs on my wrists in this way.
Please be careful if you want to try this at home, there is an error you can make that will require you to call the fire department ;-) Do you know what error that is? Please write it in the comments below! I’m curious to see if anyone knows, or (even better) if that ever happened to anyone!

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  • Shawn

    The error is locking the hinged cuffs with the keyhole on the inner side of the cuffs. I’ve joked about cuffing hinged on one of my wrists like that but I’d be worried I might be stupid and cuff it the wrong way, not being able to reach the keyhole with the key

  • R

    If they keyholes are facing together on the inside.(if you know what i mean.)

  • Steve

    It is about time you got around to trying out this idea. Have been waiting for so long.

  • Kelly

    Cool! And were you able to get out of the one with your wrists cuffed behind you? That looks impossible!

    So if you can get both wrists in one cuff, what about both ankles in one ankle cuff? Then the other ankle cuff around both wrists behind you. Really hogcuffed?


  • Sccuff dude

    If the key holes are on the inside and u dint have anyone to help u in an emergency

  • doomguy

    next time, instead of just attempting to use your hands and mouth, involve your feet – amazing what can be done with the key held with your toes…

  • lc

    wow! Surely nothing can top that – I can’t think of any position which is more difficult.

  • Eldvakt

    Keyholes facing each other is a bad thing.
    I did that with chain cuffs and had to use a hack saw to get the chain off.

    If you have a brand new hacksaw you could use it in a bondage scenario. Hide the keys far away and force the cuffed person to saw off the chains.

  • lc

    @Eldvakt you could* also use the hacksaw to shorten a key, then use pliers to turn it.

    * in some very few types of situation

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