Duo challenge: blindfolded key search contest

After Anahí rescued me, she told me it was not fair she had to do all the hard work. So we decided to have a fair contest. We were handcuffed and ankle cuffed, the handcuffs are looped through our ankle cuffs so we can not stand up, and blindfolded. The key is hidden somewhere in the room (no balloons this time, so the small key is very hard to find). We have to crawl to search the whole room inch by inch to find this stupid little key. Whoever escapes first can decide if the other should remain cuffed! LOL! I love those rules, because I win either way ;-)
We laughed and laughed while watching this video, it looks sooo silly!

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  • chris

    i would buy this clips, if they were barefoot.
    Maybe u can post same tickle clips

  • cuffman

    Great challenge, but you played false to take off the blindfold. It was better when you were handcuffed hands behind your back then you could not even take off the blindfold. Then it was even harder to find the key and the challenge had been perfect.

  • Accro de la jupe

    Very alluring.

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