Late night waist chain escape attempt


When Anahí came to visit this week, I suddenly felt like doing a challenge, although it was getting very late. It is always nice to have someone over to chain me up, because then I can do more complex challenges, and (most importantly) someone is there when things go horribly wrong :-) This time I will try to escape from a professional waist chain setup: padlocked waist chain, and blue box around the handcuffs, covering the keyholes.
A big thanks to my lovely assistant Anahí!

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  • Maverick

    Love this challenge and btw, sexy boxershort…:P

  • birdchrisdennis

    So, finally, you got a BlueBox :-)

    Nice, istn’t it?

    Maybe a little bit unconfortable, but it looks quite nice on you.
    (I didn’t buy the picset, but I guess you didn’t escape)


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