Fan request: mitten escape attempt


Here’s one I have been waiting to show you for a long time! A fan sent me two pairs of sheep skin mittens to try and escape. Handcuffs go around the wrists over the mittens, so they effectively lock the mittens to my hands. I can not take them off without escaping the handcuffs first. Will it be harder to escape? Wait and see!! ;-)
A big thanks to all fans who keep sending me great stuff and challenges!

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  • Marios

    They look like they’re soft enough to allow some movement of the fingers inside them, so you can handle the key with great difficulty of course. I think they need to be reinforced internally with a sturdier material!

  • Damon

    I think you should do another cops and robbers type update soon :)

  • Cuffingfan

    Chrissy, I love your tight updo and shiny hair in ponytail :-)

    How if you are handcuffed with your hands behind your back and are blindfolded?

    Stay do picturing, it is so fun and you are also very beautiful!

  • Cuffingfan

    I like when you enjoy to be handcuffed.

    Try this again, just while you are handcuffed behind the back
    Just to you fell how fun it is. You cant escape and it is fun :-)

    I also love your straight and shiny hair in ponytail!

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