Video diary: blue box

In this webcam diary, I will explain all about the blue box! I like this handcuff addition very much, because it makes escapes much harder by covering the keyholes. It is also great for attaching to a belly chain, and to make chain link handcuffs really rigid. You will see how it works in this video clip, if you have any questions just email me or comment below!!

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  • Cuff Lover

    like the ridged posision more than the chained, nice object !

    good update

  • Ano


    First very nice post as always :)
    But this time i have a question:
    Where from i can get a blue box?
    Well i do not have a single handcuff so not a very urgent question, but i have not seen any on e bay.
    BTW I do not realy feel, i need a blue box, till i gona play with handcuffs alone.
    The thing is, i feel, i would be affred of using them alone, when no one in the house know about them, and about my hobby.
    Because if i am stuck in them, then it’s very very bad, and after it everyone gona know about it, and it’s would be bad.
    BTW I thing a rigid hancuff is much more better than a chainded one, because, in a chain handcuff, we can still do a lots of thing, and if we have the key, then it’s very easy to open.
    So keep using the rigid ones :)
    Sorry if it was to long post, i am drunk a little bit :P

  • PP

    Rigid cuffs have their fans, but problems too. Even when double-locked they can cut into your wrists, especially when attached to something trying to twist them. Let’s say your hands are behind your back, non-stacked, and the cuffs are attached to a chain or Martin link trying to twist them into the vertical plane. This is a real risk with blue boxes since they make all cuffs rigid and are designed to attach to things.

    Novices should start with chain-type cuffs. When do you play with hinged cuffs, don’t attach them to anything at first. Play safe!

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