Video diary: Irish 8 handcuffs

I received some questions about my Irish 8 handcuffs, so I decided to show them again in a webcam video. I love these cuffs so much, I actually want to get a second pair. They are very heavy, but comfortably smooth. But the most important thing about them is: they snap shut so quickly! It’s click and you’re screwed! No ratchet, no adjusting. Of course, you have to get the right size for your wrists (I have the lady size, LOL I’m a lady). I will show you how to lock them on yourself, and escape again. It is harder than you think!

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  • PP

    Can you wear them behind your back in the non-stacked position? Even if they fit your wrists in front, they may hold your forearms too close together for wear behind your back. The next larger size might work better, and it probably won’t slip off.

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