Like some of you suggested, I now have a TimeBond for self cuffing adventures! It is basically a black cylinder inside a larger black cylinder. If you freeze some water in between the cylinders, it will stay locked for about 1 hour. So I decided to give it a go, cuffing myself wrist-ankle-ankle-wrist and hanging the TimeBond and the keys from the ceiling.
It turned out to be a very looooooooong wait. 1 hour in this position is long, you can not do anything at all. After about 20 minutes I already started to invent ways to get the keys, but it didn’t work. This is probably the best video I have ever done, because I can not escape at all until the keys drop. I am forced to wait, and you know I hate that. A must see if you are into self cuffing!

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  • Maverick

    Love this challenge Chrissy, the helplessness haha in those cuffs, nice, but it sounds familiar, tried it once, but couldnt escape…:-(

  • Ano

    Nice one!

    But to be honest, last time i was hogcuffed in my bed fore 8 hours, with phone relase.
    So this one hour is not that much for me.
    But very good anyway.
    We would like to se more similar from you! :)

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