Video diary: high security handcuffs

A fan sent me a pair of handcuffs I am not so sure about. They are a copy of the Hiatt high security handcuffs. There is a normal key and a flat high security key, and I think you need both to unlock these cuffs. I am very afraid to put these on, for a number of reasons. First of all, in the letter there is a warning to make a copy of the key first (as it is unique). Secondly, they are copies, not real ones, so I could be risking getting very very stuck in these. So I will just show and explain these, and investigate a little more, before risking a(nother) trip to the fire department…

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  • Homer

    another trip? why dont you tell us about the first trip ;)

  • chris

    So – if these are a good copies, the “unique” key is just for the double lock / unlock.
    A normal key opens the cuffs if they are not double locked (this is valid for the Hiatts version).

    –> So, if I am right (better try that “off hand”) it would be safe for you.
    (and as long as the cuffs are not DL – you may try to shim them if you are trapped – or your helper does…)

    By the way – a replacement key is not esay to get – was a lot of effort for me.

    Have fun :-)

  • Kelly

    But you’re tempted, right? I know you’re really tempted! So, just test them off your wrist! If they unlock ok, then go for it!

  • Ben Spitz

    are those the HSS-9 high security cuffs. Ive seen those but never worked with them. If I remember correctly they have a tumbler double lock

  • Marios

    Just test their operation a lot before locking them on your wrists! If they work trouble-free more than a dozen times, then I guess you’re safe enough to use them! It would be a waste / shame not to use them on your pretty little wrists!

  • PP

    It’s probably also a good idea to lubricate a set of cuffs when you first get them. Doesn’t take much. Use light oil on the pivots, ratchets and pawls and graphite in the pin tumbler lock. Make sure the key slides in and out easily and turns smoothly. When you duplicate the key, test them; if they’re properly cut you shouldn’t have to wiggle the key in the lock to make it turn.

  • So where’s the videos all I see is pictures I see you love handcuffs ok sorry I now,see how to see the videos I have to sign in to see the videos I liked what I saw in the pictures

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