Video diary: double Irish 8 behind the back – frustration!!

Here is the most rigid position I have ever found myself in: Irish 8 behind the back, wrists crossed, using TWO pairs of cuffs. The double pair means the rigid area is bigger and since they are very tight I can not move my arms at all!
Worse, these cuffs require you to push the key in and pull the cuffs open at the same time. I am really hurting myself trying to even get the key in, but it is no use, this is an inescapable position.
Ever wanted to see me frustrated? Look at my face at the end of the video, I am seriously disappointed that I will have to go get someone to let me out. LOL, I really was angry…

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  • Dave

    Just wondering do you ever worry that you’ll get so stuck you won’t be able to actually ring somebody? :P

  • carl

    you should make it even harder to escape by cuffing your ankles

  • doomguy

    now we’re talking. the only downside, video is soo short. would like to see you cuffed in an inescapable way like this, but in a longer video, walking around the house, outdoors or something.

  • MSH

    Loved this one. Seems like the ones we love the most get you the most frustrated as well. ;)

  • PP

    How about a single Irish-8, behind your back, with your hands in the same direction (not stacked), palms together? Can you even reach the keyhole? With the high security version of this cuff it is very hard.

  • What is the high security version?

  • PP

    The “high security version” of the KUB Irish-8’s (KUB-131) have pin tumbler locks in place of the screw-type Darby locks (KUB-917) or the Hamburg-type locks (KUB-126) that I think you have. When they’re behind your back in the non-stacked position, it’s a real challenge just turning the key even when it’s already in the lock. Good luck getting it in by yourself.

  • meck

    i suggest you to use one cuff of these in a palms out position behind your back with the key hole upside (of course)
    don’t forget to use the irish 8 legcuff with you legs crossed
    good luck ;)

  • Chian

    I like this one and it is better if you have the handcuffs chained and locked around your waist and hog tied.

  • Game

    Nice Panties!!! So hot!!! ieie

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