Video diary: escaping handcuffs WITHOUT a key

Until now, I always used a key to escape my handcuffs. But what if there is no key? Or you can’t reach a key? In this video I will show you how to open handcuffs without a key.
I use my pink ASP handcuffs as an example, but it will work for most cuffs. Don’t be fooled by the color, these are real cuffs, and I can open them very very easily. Or do I make it look easy because I practised? LOL! I’d love to see YOU try this!

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  • LOL, no comments at all. I thought this was pretty awesome, escaping without using a key, but you probably think it is boring.
    I can never seem to find out what you guys really want to see… :p

  • PP

    You do know that quite a few cuffs are designed to thwart this exact attack, right? Some have small star wheels that engage the bow teeth to block a shim from being inserted. Others have multiple independent pawls engaging the bow teeth and they all have to be lifted together. Then they place a bar between them to block a shim like yours from picking up all the pawls at the same time.

    And even an ordinary pair of cuffs can be kept from being shimmed by simply double-locking them.

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