Video diary: the TimeBond explained

You have been asked me what this TimeBond thing is, where I got it and how it works. So I decided to to a video diary about this self bondage device. It is very nice to play with if there is no one around to keep you locked. It works by freezing (yes really!!) water into a cylinder, and it gives you about 1 hour of fun!

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  • Pal

    I don’t get the point of using such devices.
    Selfcuffing is about having fun. As long as I’m having fun, I won’t release myself, even if the key just lies on the table, within easy reach. But if bondage ceases to be fun for any reason, I want to be able to free myself. What’s the point having to stay tied up after that?

  • Grinch

    “What’s the point having to stay tied up after that?”

    Thats the point of bondage… retard

  • cw

    I liked this video Chrissy, did you make the “ice lock” or did you buy it somewhere?

  • Your question is answered in the video :D

  • Pal

    So you say, the point of self-bondage is to NOT enjoy it? Interesting opinion.
    Any normal replies?

  • doomguy

    @Pat: you’re not really helpless if you can get out anytime you want. that’s what a lot of people want out of bondage.

  • PP

    You know, you don’t have to pay for such a device, nor do you have to freeze any special device in advance. You can make one yourself very easily. All you need is an old nylon stocking and a keyring. Drop an ice cube into the toe of the stocking, then slide the keyring around the stocking from the top so the cube keeps the ring from slipping off. Tie the stocking to something overhead, and make sure there’s enough weight on the ring to pull it off the stocking when the ice gets small enough.

    And TEST it before you use it!

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