Self cuffing – on a chair


Aaaah a request to cuff myself to a chair again! That is always so much fun to do! I love it! This time I picked a very heavy chair so I can not fall over. I cuff my ankles to the chair and my arms behind, this is a very rigid position, I can not even move!! I used Hiatts Ultimate handcuffs and cuffed my palms out to make it harder.
This is an incredible challenge, especially after I dropped the keys :(

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  • marvin

    How I’d love to tickle those feet, among other things!

  • MSH

    Bit of cheating with this one, wasn’t there? After the fade, suddenly the key appears in your hand. Still, we love what you do for us. The most of the past few videos have been a delight.

  • Yep :( I was completely stuck after dropping the key… ;)

  • cw

    good thing you had your safety, person handy ;)
    but never the less good video.
    brings a question to mind, if you have answered it before I am sorry I am need here, what is the longest time you have been stuck before somebody else had to get you out?

  • carl

    that does look fun :) i have a request! use those same cuffs, lay down on a bed, cuff your ankles around a bedpost (remain barefoot) and then cuff your hands behind your back. try to lay down on your stomach when doing so before cuffing your hands.

  • pbug56

    Now this would be a lot more interesting if you didn’t have a key handy! :-) Kidding aside, pictures of you (as doomguy suggested) spending a day or more well cuffed but somehow muddling along would be quite a change. You used to do photos like this – at the beach, in the water, and more. Being out in public chained up is a lot more daring then what you do know. Go out to eat, or for a walk, shopping, a movie.

  • ad

    This would be a real challenge when you put the cuffs on with the keyholes facing away from your fingers ;)

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