Anahí is a bitch!


We were just playing around with my collection when Anahí suddenly told me she had an idea for a little game. I had to lie down on my stomach and just relax… Just relax? I had a bad feeling when Anahi started hogcuffing me. She is not very good with cuffs yet, but somehow she learned about hogcuffing (probably from our contest) using a pair of legirons and a pair of hinged handcuffs.
Then she told me she was going to do some shopping and leave me there for 2 hours! TWO HOURS!! I started screaming and yelling at her. I may have called her a few things I shouldn’t have. It was no use, she just left, thinking it was very funny. What happened next? Watch the video to find out! LOL

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  • carl

    awesome hogcuff! you should do a barefoot hogcuff next! :)

  • DarrenPaul

    well thats not very nice of her now is it ?? lol! still, at least she gave you a pillow :D what cuffed position do you prefer to be in? do u have a favourite..?

  • Oh yes, that was my favourite moment in the video when she gave me that pillow! LOL, mean and so nice! This is definitely my favourite position to be cuffed in! Oh and spread eagle on the bed!

  • Ano

    Two hours, that’s nice, but still very far away from my rekord :) wich is around 8 hour, in hogcuffed position.
    But GJ anyway :)

  • SPARTANdude

    If I was going to be hogcuffed for two hours straight, I would have tried to get my shoes off.

  • SPARTANdude

    Or better yet, I would ask her to take my shoes and socks off before she left and toecuff me.

  • Cuffingfan

    10 hours hogcuffed and blindfolded, and pretty sure on no release, before someone have the keys. Is longest I heard about.

    Chrissy, I realy love you. Keep do more :-)

  • Ano

    10 Hours sound good, if i could have 10 hour of peace, i would try to do more :)
    As far as i tried, and experienced this.
    There’s two way:
    First if you are just simple handcuffed at back, then you can sleep easyly, it’s sounds good, it’s not, after the weak up, you could kill, to get free, if there’s no timing, or nobody is coming later with the keys, (wich means, you have them, so getting free, is you decision) here basicaly you lost :P
    But if you are hogcuffed like Chrissy been in this update, then you can not sleep, sound funny, but it’s easyer to stay in, like this :)
    Of course a timer always can help, to brake any record if you set it up propetly you can not get out before the timer goes off.
    Sorry, for very long post, but i can not say it shorter.

  • Josh

    Oh, I can think of so many ways in which Anahi could have made things better/worse for you :P

  • Mag1c narwh@l

    Anahi showed mercy. I would have taken off those shoes and socks and tickled your feet. LOL

  • Name

    Anahi looks cute in leggings!

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