Escaping ASP zip ties


So I have these weird plastic yellow things that are actually handcuffs. From my favourite brand ASP (well that is because they make pink cuffs, LOL). I have seen these used by the police during riots. And now it is going to be a riot watching me try to escape from these things. There is no key, so I will show you how to use a flat piece of metal to do this trick. If I can do it…

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  • Blackout

    The trick is, as with all zip tie-type things, to push the metal in from the inner side, since the ratchet is designed to have things put in it in that direction. I learned this the hard way when I screwed up on installing a hose clamp, and had to shim it open to put it on properly.

  • kenny

    I think i see a zip-hog-tie in the future!

  • David

    Can you do them behind your back?

  • Kev.

    Yo bitch. this is a purely sexual site, so you have to wear some more sexy clothes- that nice tight orange vest is a start. ;-)

  • PP

    Hey, be polite!

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